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 BAKTI was founded in 1979 own main area of 3.000m2 located at West Jakarta and has prospered under the guidance of its original ownership. Branch factory was established in 2005 take an area of 6.1 hectares  located in the industrial area of Cibitung-Bekasi. Our strength and experience allows us to maintain our focus on long-term success and accountability to our objective of becoming your most valued gravity die casting automotive resource. Our facilities were developed with regional support as a cornerstone for our mutual success. Today's value chain is optimized only when your casting partner can quickly and effectively address your needs and problems — with speed and efficiency. Our operations footprint — together with our dedication to technical and operations excellence — allow us to better serve your needs and provide the casting solutions you demand. Our facilities are poised for growth, and our team is committed to your success. Our people and our contributions to the protection of our environment make us a company for the automotive future. We therefore strive to provide a safe and clean workplace and a management structure whereby all of us can contribute to the success of our company, our community and our environment.

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